Photo by Matt Paul Catalano on Unsplash

You are a wave crashing in on me,

You sweep me in and pull me under,

You suffocate me and leave me breathless,

I flail around hopelessly, trying to get a hold of myself.

To break free from your shackles,

To find myself back again.

But alas, every time I try rising up,

I sink deeper within you,

I let myself slowly drown in the depths of your being,

Lose myself in the sound of your voice,

In the beauty of your mind,

In the joy of being in love.

And then I find myself back again,

In the warmth of an imagined kiss,

In the beating of a lover’s heart,

In the memories of words left unsaid.



Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

In the phantasmagorical imaginings of my feverish mind,
I struggle to keep up the illusion of a happy life.
Buried in the depths of my wretched unhappiness,
I sometimes long for a life lived carefree.

I look up at the stars and take a deep breath,
a fleeting sense of euphoria catches me unawares.
In the middle of the night
In the depths of a noon
I find myself swept up in a wave of temporary joy.

Whether it is you that brings me love,
Or the soul that has traversed a thousand lives,
I know not.
I seek not an answer to.

I marvel in quiet amusement.
And let the mystery unfold
I surrender to the hands of time.
I let my heart keep beating
And my soul desiring for the perfect reunion