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Have you ever suffered a panic attack?

The kind where your hands grow clammy and cold, a sharp chill runs down your spine, your chest feels heavy and you feel dizzy and nauseous?

If you have, welcome to my club!

I suffer from perpetual anxiety.

Right from my childhood.


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I sit today in front of my laptop with an empty mind.

I have nothing to say.

If you, my reader, were to sit across the table my laptop is on, and attempt to make a conversation with me, I still would have nothing to say.

I feel like this…

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In a daring display of willpower, I contemplate writing something productive for the 2nd day in a row.

Usually, I am a one-hit-wonder.

I write something worthwhile about once in 6 months. Publish it and then go incognito for ages, only to resurface when hell freezes over.

Words and ideas…

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It’s nights like these that I miss you the most.

Stretched out on my couch with a glass of wine,

Silence all around,

Except for the ticktock of the solitary clock,

And the rush of blood through my veins.

I miss your smile.

Oh, it’s been so long I saw…

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In the phantasmagorical imaginings of my feverish mind,
I struggle to keep up the illusion of a happy life.
Buried in the depths of my wretched unhappiness,
I sometimes long for a life lived carefree.

I look up at the stars and take a deep breath,
a fleeting sense of euphoria catches me unawares.
In the middle of the night
In the depths of a noon
I find myself swept up in a wave of temporary joy.

Whether it is you that brings me love,
Or the soul that has traversed a thousand lives,
I know not.
I seek not an answer to.

I marvel in quiet amusement.
And let the mystery unfold
I surrender to the hands of time.
I let my heart keep beating
And my soul desiring for the perfect reunion

Since the last couple of months, my neighbour’s kitties have turned my apartment into their very own bed and breakfast with occasional free lunch and dinners served as well.

A bed-and-breakfast with a twist though. It gets paid in cat cuteness and cat love instead of actual money. Oh and…

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It’s 6 PM and the sun has just set.

The blue sky is still lit up with streaks of orange. Screeches, trills, squeaks and warbles fill the evening air as birds fly back to their nests.

A little while back, it poured heavily.

While the rain has stopped now, the…

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Ever worked for a crappy boss that made you feel like a fly on the wall? Unheard, ignored and made to toil away without any recognition or empathy?

Chances are high most of us at some point in our salaried lives have had to bear the misfortune of having such…

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Two weeks back I was at the peak of my motivation.

I worked extra hard, toiling away every night after wrapping up my regular 12 hours of office work. The weekends were also super constructive. I was able to churn out at least 2 1000-word blog posts per day.


Ananya Misra

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